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LunART Festival 2023 - DAY 2

A Day with Rock Legend June Millington

Thursday, June 1

Masterclass with June Millington

LunART is excited to announce the chance to enroll in a masterclass with phenomenal and influential guitarist June Millington, who co-founded the all-female rock group Fanny. June’s talent and passion for performing and teaching is contagious, and, whether you’re an aspiring musician or would like to pick up some pointers from a pro who’s been there, there is a place for you at the masterclass. Enrollment is limited to six young women guitarists, and there are a limited number of seats available for an audience. Instruction fee is $25 and audience tickets cost $10. 


At 6 PM, following the masterclass, June will perform a mini concert for the participants and observers.


Film Screening

This all leads up to a screening of Fanny: The Right to Rock, at 7 PM.


The documentary chronicles the inception of the rock band by June and her sister, Jean, and the trials and tribulations of a pioneering race- and gender-defying all-female band in the ‘70s. Fanny released five albums over the span of five years and toured throughout the world. Fifty years later, the band reunites with a new record deal and plenty of experience. If you don’t know Fanny, you should. Stay for the brief Q&A afterwards with June and leave with an enriched sense of women in rock 'n' roll.




4-6:30 PM Masterclass & Performance

7 PM Film Screening followed by Q&A

Goodman Community Center

(214 Waubesa St, Madison, WI 53704)


Masterclass & Performance:  

Performer $25 | Observer $10

Movie Screening

$10  General Admission


June Millington

Guitarist, songwriter, producer, educator, and actress

June Millington "one of the hottest female guitarists in the industry" (Guitar Player Magazine) has been making music since she was a child playing ukulele in her native Philippines.  Having moved from Manila to California in the early sixties, she and her sister, bassist Jean, turned in their folk guitars for electric and formed a succession of all-girl bands.  By 1969 they were in Hollywood with their band Fanny, the first all- women's rock band to be signed to a major label (Warner Brothers). 

Through five successful albums and extensive touring of Europe and North America, Fanny served notice that women could do more than simply sing: they could write and play passionate rock 'n' roll.  As David Bowie said of the group in an interview with Rolling Stone  magazine, “They were one of the finest fucking rock bands of their time....  They were extraordinary:  They wrote everything, they played like motherfuckers.... They are as important as anyone else who’s ever been, ever....” (RS, January 2000)


June left Fanny in 1973, settling in Woodstock, New York to focus on her songwriting and spiritual development.  By 1975 she was involved in the burgeoning Women's Music Movement, playing on what would become the definitive work of the genre, Cris Williamson's The Changer and the Changed.  Millington toured with and produced albums for Williamson and for Holly Near and Mary Watkins.  In 1977 she and Jean reunited to record Ladies on the Stage for United Artists.


Through most of the 1980's, June toured as a solo artist, promoting the  albums  released on the independent Fabulous Records label: Heartsong, Running  and One World, One Heart.  In 1987 she and her partner Ann Hackler co-founded the nonprofit Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA),  which has grown into an internationally known teaching, performing and recording  facility supporting women in music and music-related business.  As Artistic Director at IMA, located in Goshen, Massachusetts, Millington produces albums and teaches a variety of classes that draw on the vast store of information and skill she has gathered  as a musician, producer and songwriter in both mainstream and women's music.   In the summers, IMA runs rock n’ roll performance and recording programs for girls and young women.


Millington's 1993 release, Ticket to Wonderful,  synthesizes a thirty-year exploration of musical styles and sounds – which began with folk and rock and journeyed through funk, reggae, salsa, pop and world beat – into a work that at once moves your spirit to higher ground and your feet to the dance floor. She combines her Philippine island roots, elevated lyrics and folk-rock sensibility to create a unique blend of music that is beyond categorization. The 1999 release of Melting Pot, recorded with Jean and their band The Slammin’ Babes, takes that same mix of musical styles and cranks up the heat to generate a volcanic, earth-moving, shake-yer booty  set of tracks with lyrics that grab handfuls of soul coupled with a powerful message that remains with the listener long after the last note has ended.


Play Like a Girl, June and Jean’s most recent album,  released in August 2011, is the culmination of everything they have done in rock ‘n roll.  “When we started out in 1965, says June, “we ‘played like a girl.’  With this album, we’re reclaiming that phrase and making it a statement of power and vision.  It’s a gift to still be rockin’ out, while teaching the next generation how to find their own voices through music.”

In 1996,  the Audio Engineering Society honored Millington with its Lifetime Achievement award. In 2000 the Bay Area Career Women gave her their LAVA award for being a “legend of women’s music.”  In 2005 she received the Outmusic Heritage Award and in 2007 she, along with the other members of FANNY, received the Rockrgrl Women of Valor Award from Berklee College of Music and Rockrgrl magazine.


With her incredibly expressive vocals, dazzling guitar work and wonderfully crafted songs, June casts a spell over her audience:   "(Millington's) choice of notes to sing or play is letter-perfect.  She doesn't need to prove she has great chops: she makes music instead."  (Jim Santella, Buffalo NY News).   Don't miss your chance to see "the mother of all-girl bands" (Calvin Ahlgren, San Francisco Chronicle).  Be prepared to shake it up with hot high moments of rock, funk and reggae and be stirred to the soul by beautiful ballads and love songs.

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