2021 DONORS!

LunART is grateful for the generous contributions from the following, received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Charles & Jane Alcorn

Kristina Anderson

Yana Avedyan

Leah Bedford

Lisa Caire

Terry Crawford

Dawn Crim

Leslie Cummings

Betty & Corkey Custer

Ruth Dahlke

Leslie Damaso

Patricia D’Ercole

Linda DiRaimondo

Meri Rose Ekberg

Ben Ferris

Dave & Karen Frankson

Michael George
Satoko Hayami

Sue Goldwomon

Jessica Johnson

Stephanie Jutt

Fred Stenborg & Naomi Karstad

Vicky Knoedler

Carrie Kruse

Beth Larson

Efrat Livny

Abigail Loomis

Laura Medisky

Peter Miliczky

Amber Dolphin & & Steve Moechnig

Viola Murn

Andrea Musher

Janis Nasn

Mounir Nessim

Pamela Oliver & John Lemke

Catherine Olson

Kathleen Otterson

Lynette & Rex Owens

Lynette & Bruce Pauls

Marie Pauls

Sanja Ugrcic Pavlovic

Natalie Pauls - LunART's Youngest Donor

Orlando Pimentel - In Memory of Angel Pimentel 

Ralph Rabin

Beth Racette

Stacy Regehr

Angela Richardson

Sarah & John Schaffer

Rose Stenborg

Katrin Talbot

Tammy Thorson
Kirsten Volness

Wirta Wiriyan

Thank you to everyone who donated to our IN HER HONOR Campaign 2021!

Kirsten Volness

In Honor of Judith Lang Zaimont, for believing in my potential and being an exemplary role model, not only as my first composition teacher who invited me in but also as a passionate advocate for women in the arts and beyond.

Amy Majetic

In Honor of my dear sister, Jane Alcorn, who was a wonderful wife, mother, sister and pediatric nurse..and an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

Peter Lundberg

In honor of Jill Lundberg, Susan Lundberg, Evelyn Bakula, Nancy Lambrecht, Margaret Spengler, Susan Cook

Lynette & Rex Owens

Kathleen Otterson

In honor of my beginning piano teacher, Elsie Rabe, the first person to encourage my musical talent. 

In honor of my voice teacher at UW-Madison, Ilona Kombrink, who convinced me that I had a "real" voice and pushed me to do something with it.

Mary Burns

In honor of Natalie Pauls - a true inspiration

Aurora Trejo

In honor of Montserrat Gracia

Margaret R. Meyer

In honor of Dr. Elizabeth Fennema. Her scholarship on women in mathematics brought me to the University of Wisconsin. Her support sustained me through out my academic career. Her friendship and love continue to enrich my life.

Betty Harris Custer

In honor of Sandra Gajic

Stacy Regehr

In honor of Barbara Fehr & Jane Wheat

Rose Stenborg

In honor of Margaret Stenborg