LunART is dedicated to sharing women's voices and admiring their creativity! As with many arts organizations, our big dreams
rely on your support to bring all these great events to life. Your generous, tax-deductible donation will help us enrich the lives of many through performances, educational events, and outreach programs. We want to establish LunART as a cultural icon, one that invests in the future of arts, connects with audiences, and most importantly, celebrates women’s contributions to the arts!

Our expenses include guest artist fees, festival musician and artist honorariums, concert venue rentals, and administrative costs — and ticket sales won’t cover everything. The majority of our financial support comes from individual donations — that’s where YOU come in! Donations in any amount will greatly help us make LunART a reality. What you’ll get in return is an amazing and inspiring artistic product that you’ll be able to experience at the festival!

Which moon are you?

New Moon: $1 or more


Crescent Moon: $50 or more


Quarter Moon: $100 or more


Full Moon: $250 or more

Lunar Eclipse: $500 or more

Supermoon: $1000 or more


Blue Moon: $2,000 or more



Ways to Support LunART:


  • CHECK payable to Arts Wisconsin, PO Box 1054, Madison, WI 53701-1054

  • VOLUNTEER at the festival! Enjoy free concerts, work with artists, and have fun – all while supporting the arts! 
    Sign up HERE!

Other ways you can help:

  • Tell your friends and family about us!

  • Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and help spread the word.

  • Attend festival concerts & events. Keep an eye out for event info on our Facebook and website.